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If all myths about health insurance were stripped away; if technology could be deployed to aggregate the mass of people and enable the healthcare process, millions of lower income Africans now excluded will be able to access qualitative healthcare products and services at little to no cost.

- Rolu Adebola (Founder & CEO)

How We Make Healthcare Accessible And Affordable To Africans

Our technology aggregates doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals and delivers healthcare services through the devices people already own to make healthcare accessible and affordable. They also enable stakeholders to manage administrative tasks more efficiently and provide insights for better-informed decisions.

Dokta Is Creating a Positive Revolution In The African Healthcare Industry

Our business model addresses the problem of medical inclusion which involves low-income customer segments translating the potentials at the lower end of the market to access to affordable healthcare services.

We provide thousands of lower middle-class customers access to qualitative health information as well as medical consultations.

About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading aggregator of medical services and information in Africa.

Our Mission

Dokta’s mission is to save millions of lives through the innovative deployment of data and technology in preventive care and in the management of health outcomes.


We are revolutionizing healthcare delivery in Africa with a technology-driven model. We offer access to quality healthcare services using our robust technology and human medical intervention. Our platform provides access to a wide range of medical services. Our network of healthcare individual and institutional providers is carefully selected to meet challenges unique to different locations and populations.


We value partnerships that enable us to provide scalable, sustainable services across Africa.

Partner with us

Partnering to solve Africa’s health problems.

Through strategic partnerships across Africa, join us in creating healthcare solutions for millions of people. Want to join us? Get in touch

Healthcare providers

Expert care from trained physicians and healthcare professionals.

We have built an ever-expanding network of healthcare professionals, including doctors, therapists, care workers, registered nurse practitioners, and other specialists. They cover urgent care visits, primary care needs and whole person care.


Today’s consumers want on-demand, 24/7 access to affordable healthcare. And it’s exactly what we deliver. We also enable retailers to meet their consumers’ expectations, increase footfall and brand loyalty.

Social Impact

Dokta is working to solve the biggest challenges in Africa’s healthcare system.

Our localized technology services make healthcare accessible and affordable across Africa. We welcome partnerships from donors, governments, NGOs, health facilities, and other community-based organizations in African countries. Our community-focued approach helps break down the traditional barriers between people and healthcare.


No matter where you are and when you need care, our healthcare providers are available to serve.

How it works


Book an appointment: Select a time convenient for you and book an appointment through the Dokta app or on your web browser.


Start the appointment: Your provider will call you via your device to discuss the symptoms or issue you’re experiencing.


Get treatment: Based on your discussion and your medical history, your provider will make a write a prescription, order tests, refer you to a local specialist, or advise you to self-monitor.


Post-appointment: Your account will be updated with notes from your appointment and any test results.


Confidentiality: Your discussion during the appointment will stay private and confidential between you, your provider, and Dokta.


How do I see a doctor on Dokta?

After setting up your Dokta account, select the appointments tab. From there, you can

  • Select an appointment
  • Enter the reason for appointment
  • Select the date and time of your appointment

You can also rebook with a Dokta provider you have seen before. When the day of your appointment comes, your provider will call you through the Dokta app.

What do Dokta doctors treat online?

Our online doctors can treat a number of medical conditions. Typically, 80% of health issues can be handled by a video appointment. They offer consultation from sore throat or malaria to skin infections and anything you could see a primary care doctor for. 

What will doctor consultation cost on Dokta platform?

Fees and charges are computed based on patient needs and complexities. 

How fast can I consult with a doctor?

For non-life-threatening concerns about your health and wellness, you can book a virtual appointment to see a doctor and the booking will be executed based on availability and demand. 

Can Dokta providers prescribe medications?

Yes, our virtual doctors can prescribe certain medications, like antibiotics, antivirals, birth control, and other medicines. If your medication requires an in-person visit, our providers can refer you to visit a doctor’s office.

Can I get help with other healthcare services apart from primary medical services?

Our platform directly attends to basic medical conditions as a primary care provider. Dokta does not attend to secondary care needs and emergencies.

When can I book a doctor appointment on Dokta app or website? 

You can book an appointment with a healthcare professional whenever needed and the booking will be scheduled based on availability.

How safe is my data?

Your data is encrypted end to end to make the information inaccessible without a decryption key

Contact US

Address: 10b Connal Road, Off Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba, Lagos

Email: hello@doktahealth.com

Phone: +234 902 441 9936

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